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A 3rd Person dungeon crawler with an emphasis on Character and World customization, woven into an interactive story.

This project s will be the first project to be made with our Voxel World Generator. It is still in the earlier stages of development, so look for updates on this project, and our other projects, on our Facebook page, and on our blog.

The Neuranet

The Neuranet is a tangible cyberspace where thought alters reality. It is the next great frontier of society: a glorious collective of human consciousness, unbound by physical restrictions. Yet all is not well in this digital utopia. Hunters -users who devour other users- threaten the populace at large, while others seek to exploit them from within. At the threshold of revolution, the world looks to people for direction. Where will you drive it?


Players can customize many parts of the Neuranet, including their Hometown, skills, minions, and the dungeons they explore. While in their Hometown, players can add modifications to any of these customizable assets.The structures in the player's Hometown can be arranged in what ever order the player wants. The player also can choose the colour scheme and types of tiles that his/her Hometown is comprised of. All of the skills in the game are composed of components. As players progress through the game, they receive more of the skill components, allowing them to create their own skills. Minions are created by putting Souls or Egos into Puppets This allows the player to take and use the Soul or Ego in battle. The skills that the minions use are also built through skill components, adding another level of customization to them. Finally, when a player goes to enter a dungeon, they have the option to add injections. These injections can increase or decrease the number of enemies or traps, increase the number of chests, add bosses, or add treasure rooms to any dungeon.

Souls, Egos, and Bytes

All users of the Neuranet are Souls, humans with thoughts, emotions, and memories. But when a person spends too much time in the Neuranet they start to lose parts of themselves. When a user start to lose memories, individual thought, and his/her emotions, his/her body starts to break down. These users a no longer referred to as souls, they are then known as Egos. As the the deterioration continues, they continue to lose parts of their body until there is nothing left but a few strings of data. These bits of data are known as Bytes. Since Bytes no longer have any trace of the individual they were once part of, they are commonly used as currency in the Neuranet.


You can't have a dungeon crawler without dungeons! While at his/her Hometown, players can generate and enter dungeons. While generating a dungeon, players can add more challenges or rewards into the dungeon. Once the player has made all of his/her decisions, the dungeon will be procedurally generated, and the player can go explore.


  • The Neuranet
  • Customizations
  • Souls, Egos, and Bytes
  • Dungeons