About us

RedstingGames was founded in 2011 by Daniel Whiddon and Adam Ettenberger. We strive to make games that are not only fun to play, but they are also unique and interesting. RedstingGames also does Web and Unity contracts on the side. If you are interested in contacting us, please visit our contact page

Daniel Whiddon

Daniel Whiddon - Co-owner and General Programmer

Dan Whiddon is a partner at RedstingGames and general programmer for our team. He primarily works in Unity for our projects, though he has delved into the realms of OGRE. As programmer, it is his job to work closely with the design team to deliver everything they need to build, design, and present the game to our audience. This includes a lot of editor tools. Our recent project, the voxel engine, was one such tool developed in collaboration with Square Hole Software as an independent contract. It has grown, however, to be its own great thing!

Johann Lopez

Johann Lopez - 3D Artist and Designer

As the 3D artist and general designer, Johann works with the programmers to create context and content with the technology they build, and ultimately help create a full fledged game. Thematic significance is his constant focus, and it is his responsibility to ensure that all parts, both technical and non-technical, complement each other in ways that enhance the player's experience.‏

Ariel McKnight

Ariel McKnight - Producer and Community Manager

As the producer and community manager, Ariel works with the other departments to make the best products possible. She is in charge of organizing the other employees, setting and enforcing deadlines, and letting our community know what we are up to. She enjoys getting information from programmers and rewriting the information, so that people without technical background can understand it.

Michael Wega

Michael Wega - UI Design Contractor

Michael Wega is the technical artist and user interface design Contractor for Redsting Games. He has experience in numerous areas, but like to stick mostly to art, user experience, and QA. He often enjoys designing what every user typically looks past and love the minuscule details of game art and the experience presented in the medium of games‏